Recent Code Projects

Since posting here about Deadlock, I’ve kept hacking away at new stuff. I haven’t posted all my recent work yet; some things take a while to test privately before they’re ready to go. Expect dedicated updates for some of them.

Meanwhile, here are some things that I’ve done since Deadlock that are already on Github:

  • Listless, a mailing list manager built around SMTP/IMAP, written in Go and scripted in Lua. I built this because, besides Mailman (which requires an actual mail server), there was nothing anymore for running a basic discussion list except to register on Google Groups. If you want privacy, you can now use Listless to run your own discussion list on a self-hosted email account, modulo some serious debugging. Considered harmful / unstable, will certainly eat your lunch.
  • Go-Minilock, a port of the Minilock encryption system to pure Go. This is even more convenient than Deadlock, because the latter requires CPython extension modules that in turn require a C toolchain to build. Go-Minilock also sports a CLI tool and can be cross-compiled for embedded platforms easily. API nomenclature is an issue I’m working on, because right now it’s horrid. Blame crypto…
  • Droopy, which I contributed a large commit-set to in order to port it to Python3. Droopy now supports Python2 and Python3 from the same codebase, and experienced a bit of code re-org to make things tidier overall.
  • FormaDoor, a code-entry system for managing site access to Forma Labs and other hackerspaces. This uses the Time-based One-Time-Pad system so that members can generate passwords on-the-fly that expire within seconds, using their phones. I originally wrote this in terrible Python, then ported it to Go and made it more modular. It mostly works.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.