The Processing Unit as a Summoning Circle

When I began learning about machine learning, and the much-hyped “deep learning” subbranch in particular, I necessarily had to learn about the abstract realm of “Vector Space", where all the work of deep learning actually takes place. At around the same time, I was reading most of the backlog of Charles Stross’ “The Laundry Files” books, which deal with a version of cosmic-horror that's synthesised with computer science to create a geeky and compelling, cyberpunky take on the genre.

P2P Tech Support: Hardware Matchmaking on the Blogosphere

After months apart, me and my Vaio Flip are back together again. I had shelved it because its achilles heel, the dodgy CPU fan, had begun to die again. This had happened before and I replaced it myself, winning about a year of use before March of this year. This time, it began failing again and then stopped effecively cooling the CPU entirely. So, it went on the shelf until I had time and funds to repair it, and I picked up my trusty backup: a slightly battleworn Lenovo u300s.