Planting Trees with Good Habits and Bad Code

My brain, as anyone who knows me well can attest, is prone to inspiration and, consequently, distraction. This means that, in order to get things done, I rely on external aides to assist me in breaking tasks down, following through on each step, and delivering the final thing. This is not unusual among STEAMy folks, therefore systems like Kanban boards have become popular in the tech industry (and would probably be helpful if adopted by other STEM).

Trustworthy Home Automation

Home Automation promises a lot: convenience, efficiency, the ability to make unique affordances to your needs, not to mention impressing dinner guests with gadgets and gimmicks. But, as with so many things that touch capitalism, it has been corroded into something more alien and compromised. A would-be smort-home-dweller must make excuses to conscientious guests; that the frightening surveillance apparatus in the room is ‘just really convenient’ or ‘it was a gift but actually we really like it’.