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P2P Tech Support: Hardware Matchmaking on the Blogosphere

After months apart, me and my Vaio Flip are back together again. I had shelved it because its achilles heel, the dodgy CPU fan, had begun to die again. This had happened before and I replaced it myself, winning about a year of use before March of this year. This time, it began failing again and then stopped effecively cooling the CPU entirely. So, it went on the shelf until I had time and funds to repair it, and I picked up my trusty backup: a slightly battleworn Lenovo u300s.

Makerbot Update - Broke, Fixed, Printing!

Well, since my last post the Makerbot has been busy! Busy breaking and requiring troubleshooting and maintenance. But that's behind us now; I've a lot more knowledge of Makerbotting, and a much tougher Plastruder as a result. Many, many thanks to Mark Adams for the replacement part he printed and sent to me! It Broke So, I'll keep it brief. The Makerbot is prone to a failure that occurs when plastic melts too high up in the barrel; this leads to increased friction, but also to some molten plastic being shoved up into the insulator by displacement as the filament forces its way down.